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Samsung Galaxy Ace: new version of spotify is not compatible with the device


Samsung Galaxy Ace: new version of spotify is not compatible with the device

Hello World,


i got a problem with my ace. Since yesterday, when the new version of spotify was available, my ace won´t install the new one. It says that my device is not compatible for this version of spotify. Will there be a fix or do i have to buy a new cellphone?

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But it will be able to run Google Music, for instance.

Yeah from reading posts it seems Androids 2.3.6 cant run new version. Disappointed customer. Might try google music or deezer then.

@lueneberg wrote:

Aqui está a ultima versão funcional do Ace, estou usando normal no Ace Duos GT-S6802B, este apk é original um backup dos meus aplicativos, não foi baixado em nenhum site de terceiros ou similares


Here is the latest working version of the Ace, I'm using normal at Ace Duos GT-S6802B, this apk is a backup of my original application was not downloaded on any third party site or similar





The application is installed correctly and works ...
But after a few hours and try to upgrade stops working ...
as can block updates?

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tenho meu ace duos com root, usando TitaniumBackup, consigo tirar ele das atualizações da play store, os que tem android mais novos conseguem marcar para não atualizar, mais nós usuarios do 2.3.6 temos que recorrer a metodos alternativos, não conheço outra maneira de quem não tem root liberado


Google translate

I have my ace duos with root, using TitaniumBackup, he can not get the updates of the play store, which has the newest android can not update schedule, most users of 2.3.6 we have to use alternative methods, I know no other way to who has not released root

Having the same problem with a Galaxy Y which i only use as a music player through Spotify. Both the phone and my premium Spotify account are pretty much useless to me until this is fixed.


Sort it out quickly please Spotify or i will have to ditch my premium account with you and look elsewhere for a similar service that works.

I can't use Spotify anymore, but on the bright side I'm now officially a music fan...


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Thanks, this worked for my Samsung Galaxy gio 🙂


         at the risk of stating the obvious


1. The Samsung Galaxy Ace is not an older device. My son's is about six months old!!! The UKs leading supplier of mobiles is still selling them!!! They are brand new!!!! How can you possbly call it an older device? Are we supposed to upgrade ever 6 months an pay a fortune to buy out of contracts.


2. It is unacceptable to pull support at zero notice and without informing customers


3. It still shows as a supported device in the list.


4. I work in the IT industry, and if I did this to my customers I would not expect to work ever again...


Common sense dictate that Spotify needs to fix this quickly.


Think of the effort needed to get the amount of new customers to replace what yopu are about to loose. Think of the revenue from your existing customers over a long term basis (e.g. 120 month).


Also Spotify need to realise that if my teenager gives me grief over this, then my very long term account will go as soon as I can create playlist elsewhere!


Finally, you have dropped the bombshell and then seem to have left the thread. Can you get a senior manager from Spotify to do us the courtesy of responding to the threads questions and explaining why support was pulled with zero notice on CURRENT devices?


Yeah, I'm flabbergasted at how awful their customer service is, too. I'm trying to force them to answer some questions in this thread. Feel free to bump it/add your thoughts. The only contributions have been from some Spotify cheerleaders who think I'm an agitator for treating this like a big deal.


I don't expect them to respond, because they basically only seem to behave like AI bots who spit out the same script no matter the query. 


So the only reason I have a paid for Premium service with Spotify is to play music on my mobile. I can no longer do this.( see previous post - my device is no longer compatible)  DOES ANY ONE AT SPOTIFY CARE?? Annoyed at the lack of customer service does not begin to express how let down I feel. I am not getting  the service I paid up for. Is there a reasonable resolution to this issue. This sudden and lack of service without prior warning is the deal breaker. Spotify have not shown any good customer service with regard to this issue. Can someone from Spotify 'customer service' please have the decency to contact me.


I have had to register with an alternative music streaming site to get the service once enjoyed from Spotify. Is this best practice customer service?


Is my only option to cancel Spotify and take the financial hit for this months subscription?



Apparently! Spotify is doing its best to ignore us until this issue goes away, I think. You can try to email them, let us know if anything comes of it.


Same here, the only reason I pay for premium is to use on the go on mobile.


I emiled support and premium support separately, and got the same copied and pasted reply with the same grammar errors in around an hour apart.


Both basically said that I can't get Spotify on my phone because it's too old, and it's not even that old.


"I know this is a less that ideal situation however most of the older android phone, particularly devices using older ARMv5 and ARMv6 based processors, are longer compatible with the Spotify app."


Anyone know any good alternatives with similar amount of artists and tracks to Spotify?

"You should read the posts above really.  Spotify has already responded to the problem you're facing.  We all have the same problem here and their answer is that they do not support armv5 and armv6 based devices any more.  Your phone is one of them.  If they don't create a compatible app, Spotify will lose thousands of customers"


There, fixed it for you.

You can try Google All Access, Deezer, rdio, Beats. Try all the free trials, I'm sure you won't have a worse experience than dealing with the abysmal Spotify software/customer service. 


I do not know why all these people even bother with troubleshooting. It was clear to me in the first second I saw the message that they have just abandoned older androids. It should be noted clearly in notes to update. Also the support should be the first one to know this and not bother with stupid troubleshooting questions when it is clear that some devices are no longer supported. If I knew what was going to happen, I would never install the new nonexistent version.


So no more troubleshooting, just shout to spotify - for great job not even informing people and acting like they do not know. Surely they do know, thats why you get the message in shop! If it would install and then would not work somehow, I would believe that it could be some bug or development issue. 


My Samsung Galaxy Gio has this same exact issue. This is extremely irritating because i use spotify on my phone every single day, is the a possibility that you guys could make my phone compatible again?

I installed an older apk which i found on the web. (On a rooted ace).
It works...

ok thank you! I´m sorry too! I will cancelled my account because I use premium in my cell phone maybe if some day change my cell phone we can talk of premium again, now I am going to google to look for alternatives to Spotify!





When I try to upgrade Spotify on my Galaxy Ace is says your device is not compatible with this version!


What are the steps you took to get to the error/issue?

uninstalled the old version and tried re-loading agian from Google Play Store


Still got the same message


What I expected to happen

To update


Did you restart your device when troubleshooting in section B?



Did you read the connection troubleshooting tips?



Your device

Samsung Galaxy Ace


Device’s Operating System

Gingerbread 2.3.6


What type of account do you have?




Space left on your device



Space left on your SD card (if applicable)



Space left on your External SD card (if applicable)

5.6 GB


Is your device rooted?



Are you using a custom ROM, if so which one, exactly?



Did you set your external SD card as storage location?



Did you manually install an older version before installing the latest version from the Play Store?



Do you have the same issue when switching between WiFi/Mobile Data (If applicable)?



If you said "No", when does the issue not occur?

When using WiFi, 2G, 3G, 4G


My mobile Spotify version

E.g. 0.8.4


My desktop Spotify version (if applicable)


My mobile provider and country



My username



Do you have a Spotify (non-Facebook) login?



Are you logging in with Facebook or with your Spotify login details?


Do you have any screenshots you can attach to more clearly explain your issue?

If so, please paste them here


Today I got a message from a spotify admin, that my message in this thread has been deleted.


The reason is, I gave a link to a working spotify .apk for ARMv5 and ARMv6 android phones.

As you probably know, spoitify has decided, that android phones with these architectures will get no longer support, and also they also doomed those, who were stupid enough to have automatic updates turned on, or those who manually updated there spotifiy app, where they were greated, they should install the other spotifiy app, called "spotify music".


Google's Play store doesn't have a feature where you can revert to older versions of a software.


I asked for an official .apk here in the thread from an admin where the music playback still worked, but got instead the latest .apk which is also found on the play store.


So, there are now 2 spotify branches:

This has been abandoned, and tells you to install the other one. No music playback is available at all

This does not run on ARMv5 and ARMv6 architectures.



Spotify: I challenge you, to provide a .apk, which still works on the unsopproted devices. e.g a version prior 06.01.2014 from the "Spotify" branch.


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