Samsung S6/Spotify Bluetooth Control


Samsung S6/Spotify Bluetooth Control


Hello everybody!


Updated my phone at the weekend didnt I! Silly mistake.


Now on Android 5.1.1 using Spotify  


I connect the phone via Bluetooth to my Alpine CDE 187 R and to my Samsung Gear Fit. 


Prior to the update it would let me change tracks via the car stereo and the watch. Now it wont let me do either when the phone is locked.


It always used to be funny with displaying track names - which doesnt really bother me however the not being able to change tracks issue is a major one. Now have to unlock my phone and then it will work. Defeats the object of trying to be legal!


Worth mentioning that Amazon Music, Google Play and the built in music player all work flawlessly.


Can anyone help before I pull my hair out? 


Thanks 🙂

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Music Fan

I have the same issue on 5.1.1 with a completely different head unit (Clarion CZ702 in my case), just in case there was any concern it was specific to this person's device or car head unit 🙂