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Samsung galaxy s7 edge storage location BUG

Samsung galaxy s7 edge storage location BUG

This occurs in the latest update.


Issue: when rebooting the phone spotify data is lost. 


After rebooting my phone.

#1 log into Spotify again

#2 must move location of storage back to external sd card.

#3 must select music to be stored for offline use again


It is extremely annoying because it takes a long to to download again.


Analysis of problem

It appear on reboot Spotify service starts and doesn't find the SD card because it takes 20sec to 5 minutes to prepare the external sd card for use even though I use a super fast Samsung class 10 sd in my phone.

The large size of my sd and the fact Spotify makes thousands of small files to save the downloaded content makes the initialization of the SD much slower to worsen the issue 


It appears Spotify fails to find the SD while in preparation mode and defaults to internal storage and is stuck there.


As login is required to change storage to external sd the old data is just left there.


Old version of Spotify didn't have this issue if I didn't open Spotify until the external SD card was ready.

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@Autotime From what you've said, it seems that the size of the card is the issue here. If you could try a couple of things to pin this down, I'm sure that one of the Rock Stars will make sure the issue is flagged with the Spotify techs.


1. If you restart your phone and wait for the card to finish initialising before you launch spotify, does it ovecome the problem of it not recognising the SD card?

2. Any chance you can swap to a smaller SD card and see how that behaves just to eliminate any other causes?

Swapping to a smaller sd card hadn't worked fr me previously. I also do not wait for the  sd card  to be mounted properly. I just start spotify now and it works just fine. I don't think that the issue lies with the sd cards

I found a workaround solution on an android forum yay.

Buy this app or a similar one

Disable spotify before reboot.
Enable spotify after reboot boot and sd card is mounted fully.

You gotta be Kidding that spotify support seems to thing that its not an issue with the app making it defaulting to internal storage and unlinking the cache on boot because the SD isn't mounted fully yet.

If I enable spotify before the SD card is mounted spotify messes up.

This still needs to get fixed by spotify but for $2 I can reboot my phone now at long as I remember to disable spotify first.

Further Testing


To increase the chance of duplicating the issue


  • Use of fingerprint for unlocking
  • Add KNOX
  • ADD the Spotify Widgit
  • Dont Close spotify on reboot
  • Make more playlists offline

Recently discovered


During furhter testing if you do all 4 of the above wrong and add SD CARD encrypion you will encounter the error 100% of the time.


Disable spotify with this app.

Then enable after reboot.

100% success with zero loss in the with all the above triggers


Tried many memory cards listed below I cant see having 5 this many that work with everything except SPOTIFY.

Uninstaleld and cleared spotify data.

Wiped the SD cards with the phone.

ADATA Premier 16GB microSDHC UHS-I Class 10 Flash Memory Card w/Adapter Upto 50MB/s Read, 10MB/s Write (AUSDH16GUICL10-RA1)


Transcend Ultimate 16GB microSDHC Class 10 UHS-I 600x Flash Card Upto 90MB/s Read, 60MB/s Write (TS16GUSDHC10U1)
Transcend Ultimate 32GB microSDHC Class 10 UHS-I 600x Flash Card Upto 90MB/s Read, 60MB/s Write (TS32GUSDHC10U1)

Original Samsung 128GB EVO Class 10 Micro SDXC Memory Card

ORIGINAL Samsung 64GB EVO UHS-I SDXC U1 Memory Card (Class 10)

It happens to me all the time, I also opened a thread for this issue before seeing this. I've 32GB SDCard and it's encrypted. 


As a developer I guess this is an issue of race condition. When background service starts at startup, it tries to find out if download is required or not. To find this it should access to storage. If it can't find the SD Card it defaults to Internal Storage. 


So if SD Card is not ready at that time, highly possible because it's encrypted, it defaults to internal and you lose all the data. 


Suggestion to Developer: Delay that service a little bit?



Thanks for the further ino @Autotime . The only differences I can come up with between our set-ups is that my SD card isn't encrypted and I bought my Edge contract-free so I didn't get any service provider bloat.


Hopefully @Daniel be be around later and can pass the issue on to the spotify team.



My phone is a G935W8 (canadain)

Spotify preinstalled with piles of other BLOAT so it can't even be fully removed.  About 24gb after factory reset.


I also factory reset and encountered the issue too (without SD encyption)

Testing with friends and their phones SD encyption + Widget makes the issue very visable on more varients phones.


Just super annoyed becasue I erased all my playlists and music files (mp3) from my SD as SPotify said it should solve the issue with a FORMAT. 


I spent a lot of time added them to spotify.  I discovered spotify also has a download limit.  So I reduced my spotify list.

I have been using for years off my 64gb SD (about 26,000 songs).  I am now reduced to 1200 songs and failing.


Spotify seemed so awesome..

Now I walk around with incomplete music.

WIFI downloading the same songs 1300 songs constantly.

Battery use high due to spotify download 

Going over on my home internet GB limit and paying for that since Spotifty alone broke 100gb in 3 weeks.


If this problem doesn't resolve in the next few months.

I just have to back to old school ways and copy all of my music from my NAS back to the SD card and ditch spotify premium.  Paying good money for a headache now.


I love spotify by this issue is unavveptable.  The disable for reboot workaround is fine.  But as you can image you might forget to do that once in a while.

THIS works for me too !! THANX SiriusVI

I have the same issue as well, I have tried to reinstall Spotify, to remove all files and download again, but still get this loss of local files on reboot.

This is so frustrating that I may switch to another music service, as it has happened twice already that I got on a plane ready to listen to some music only to realize all my offline files are gone 😞

Gah. I've been noticing the same incredibly annoying issue when I switched to the S7 Edge. The same story as others, my music is stored on an encrypted SD card. As much as I love Spotify I might have to give the Google Play Music trial a chance to see if it handles SD cards any better.

Get spotify 5.2.885 it works fine with samsung and sd cards that are encrypted.

Dont forget to tell google play not to autoupdate.


or get the samsung app disabler and disable spotify before power down or reboot.


Spotify claims to be working on the issue.  Its appears it is broken on these phone because they fixed a bug with other phones.  There are differences between different OS.


I wish samsung would let us paid the SD memory encrypted with the internal storage into one drive so software didn't have to mess around.


If they were smart enough to write "DATA" like photos or cache to the External part of the combined storage in a way that if the SD broke you would't loose essential data.


This may come in Android 7 BTW

Just wanted to report that I'm having the same issues with my S7 Edge.


I'm using Spotify Beta with an encrypted SD Card and tried all the possible solutions listed here, and nothing worked. The main reasons I bought a SD Card was to store my offline playlists and can't even do that.

Install an old version. 5.20.855 all is fine. Ask spotify to fix the
issue please.

Install an old version. 5.20.855 all is fine. Ask spotify to fix the
issue please.

Hello. Do you know what feature is lost by moving to this older version compared to the current?

I don't know but it works fine.

Unless you want errors in reboot then that is the latest that works.

Otherwise disable the app and enable after reboot and all is ok. But I
find that's too much work.

I don't know but it works fine.

Unless you want errors in reboot then that is the latest that works.

Otherwise disable the app and enable after reboot and all is ok. But I
find that's too much work.

Just updated to the newest beta version, released today 06/08, and seems to be working now. Just tried to reboot my phone a couple of times and the offline playlists are still there.


Can someone else also tried this?

I can try but I've been using the Google Play Music trial and it seems to be working fine. Also, it seems I really like Google Play Music more. The addition of the Songza features is fantastic.

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