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Samsung galaxy s7 edge storage location BUG

Samsung galaxy s7 edge storage location BUG

This occurs in the latest update.


Issue: when rebooting the phone spotify data is lost. 


After rebooting my phone.

#1 log into Spotify again

#2 must move location of storage back to external sd card.

#3 must select music to be stored for offline use again


It is extremely annoying because it takes a long to to download again.


Analysis of problem

It appear on reboot Spotify service starts and doesn't find the SD card because it takes 20sec to 5 minutes to prepare the external sd card for use even though I use a super fast Samsung class 10 sd in my phone.

The large size of my sd and the fact Spotify makes thousands of small files to save the downloaded content makes the initialization of the SD much slower to worsen the issue 


It appears Spotify fails to find the SD while in preparation mode and defaults to internal storage and is stuck there.


As login is required to change storage to external sd the old data is just left there.


Old version of Spotify didn't have this issue if I didn't open Spotify until the external SD card was ready.

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Unfortunately, the problem is still there.
Is Spotify working on a solution?
I want to be able to restart my phone.

It seems to be fixed on the latest beta (version for me.

I'm able to reboot my phone without any issues.


If you are not a beta tester, you can download the latest beta version from apk mirror.

Thanks for the tip, I'll try that. The previous beta did not fix the issue, I hope this will be it.

This worked for me. How can we pin this answer to the top of this feed?

Hi.  What version have you installed that works?  Thanks 


Please check the bug area for and post that you have experienced this bug too so they fix it in a new version eventually.

I have done that and Google music is not affected. I am seriously thinking in choosing GP over spotify. Too bad.

Since moving to GP I have no regrets. It works great! Also, in thinking about it, since Spotify doesn't make any money I figure it's better to stick with Google (or Apple) since they can afford to figure out this streaming music business. I don't want to invest a lot of time in Spotify only to have them vanish at some point.

If they vanished that would be great as my contract would get adjusted to a lower amount.

Considering I changed my mobile plan since spotify worked so well and am under contract to pay for Spotify for 2 years.

Less than a month later v5.3.xx came out and and it hasn't been the same since.

I expect this bug will be resolved soon and all will be well.

Any update on this?

Not yet, it just happened to me again right now.

This has been happening to me too.


FFS this is 2016 and I pay to have all my downloads stay on my phone.



Holy smokes guys you broke this on

and its been broken ever since we are on v6.1.0.1088 armV7 still broken.

i am going to put my phone in developer mode next week and combine my SD card and internal storage and see if that solves it.

but 5 months with a broken application is completely neglectful wish i never paid for a 2 year subscription because as I see it you owe me $9 x 5 months now.

BTW you have cost me over $100 in data on my home internet as spotify has downloaded mad amounts of data now on my wifi for just over 1000 songs.

just look at this month another 50GB on my WIFI and to boot lots on my LTE data too.

When will you fix this and your answer from 5 months ago "SOON we are on it" isn't good enough is it?


same exaxt issue, losing sdcard files after reboot.  with or without encryption on sdcard


samsung s7 (930u) -  no bloat.

I bought at Samsung Galaxy s7 and I download the spotify premium apps
I need to know how to rearrange my music using my phone.

Use the workaround solution I postEd a few messages up and all apps will be improved.

Yeap, it's still broken.

And I won't mess with my SD card in this workaround. It's unacceptable. I can't believe that they are so incompetent that they can't fix this.


After that and the "killing your SSD" thing I'll just switch to another service.

After upgrading to the latest Spotify version and removing the Spotify widget, I am no longer experiencing the issue. The problem in my case seems to be linked to the widget itself.

you talk about wasting your time with the workaround solution why not? Can you explain why you think it's a waste?

Adaptable storage
- fixes the issue with all apps including spotify that only use internal storage properly.

- you can take video and perform internal storage functions without running out of space.

- The phone boots and works faster and the sd is encrypted.

- Samsung plans to officially support it in Android v7.

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