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Samsung s9+ 256gb

Samsung s9+ 256gb






S9+ samsung

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My Question or Issue

 Hello, so i've recently bought a s9+, and downloaded spotify. Downloaded and logged in, listened to a song and it worked fine for some days. Could connect it to my car and it worked just fine, with bluetooth. But recently it have started playing songs at random, doesnt stop the music when i stop the car, enters talk mode while on ny cars bt and then plays music (really wierd sound quality), cant change songs properly when connected to my car and when my phone connects to my car it doesnt seem to understand that spotify should open and play when i press playbutton on my cars bt. Which it did before, and all my other phones worked just fine with my cars bt, btw. And when i close spotify and open it it works fine for maybe a day, maybe one or two drives. 


Also, the customer help service is rubbish for a company that sells membership. For one, my mom which is norwegian would never even known how to get ahold of spotify, much less get to ask them a technical question.  Huge minus for spotify. 


Btw dont be harsh on my English. 😂

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Hey @Karolius,


Thanks for getting in touch!


We're aware of this issue and are currently investigating it. If you'd like to contribute to this thread, that'd be nice 🙂


We're doing out best to have this issue solved as quick as possible.


If you have further questions, let us know.


Have a nice day.




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