Saved albums not working


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i thought mine was from panic! at the disco but still don't works, only if i select download filter (btw i'm iphone user)

Re: Saved albums not working

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The same thing is happening to me and I contacted Spotify several times and they're doing absolutely NOTHING. One associate asked me "Well, specifically, what albums aren't loading..." I said "ALL OF THEM" LOL And they asked me again, specifically.... I've tried uninstalling and re-installing the app, redownloaded the music I wanted downloaded (to SD card with plenty of room), cleared cache on app and in my phone, etc. NOTHING HAS HELPED. I'm about to cancel my premium 

Re: Saved albums not working

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Have you tried the solution of removing any albums saved with non standard characters in the artist name or album title? i.e. Panic!, !!!, A$AP, etc.

This seems to have fixed most people's issues. 


The difficult bit is finding them all if you have a large collection but it might be easier to use the desktop app or web player to find and unsave them before returning to the app to check.