Saved/downloaded albums broken up in artist tab

Saved/downloaded albums broken up in artist tab







Pixel 3 XL

Operating System

Android 9


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When I go to the "Artists" tab in "Your Music" and select an artist whose albums I have downloaded, sometimes the album is broken up multiple times, with either 1 or 2 songs in each listing of the album, like pictured. It makes it very difficult to play through an artists albums from this page, because often the same song will be listed twice, and then play twice in a row or more often if I put the artist on shuffle.

I've tried unsaving and undownloading the album's this happens to, but when I resave them it happens again. 

Does anyone know any solutions to this?

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I'm having the same problem on my Huawei Mate 10 Pro - I don't suppose you, or anyone else has a solution to this?


I have a solution. The same thing kept happening to me on some artists. I think it happens when you save the album from the album page, AND ALSO save the album by clicking on the album cover, or if you also save individual songs. So Spotify for some stupid reason can't figure out that you just want that one album, all together, that's it.

Solution: Click on the individually separated songs, and unlike them. Eventually, your artist list will revert to the full albums and nothing else.


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