Saved to sdcard, won't play offline. Says it has to be internal memory?


Saved to sdcard, won't play offline. Says it has to be internal memory?

I have Spotify downloaded to my SD card(17+ GB). I moved it from my internal memory. After doing so, all my offline content (the max 3,333) was not available. Tried everything. Ultimately had to re-download all of it to my device, again. It takes up roughly 19gb internal memory. Used over 18 GB of data to download. I do not use playlists. I download everything to my library and just play from there. When downloading there is no queue to see what is downloading first. And if I want to keep a song but not have it available offline and it is already downloaded, I must remove it. There is no other option.

Q1. Why will my Spotify not work offline when saved to my sdcard? I have 128gb sdcard.

Q2. What does having it saved to the sdcard do? And why can't I play it from there.

Q3. Download queue. Not just the library. Because I am constantly having to delete songs in order to make room for new ones.

Each song should have an option for being saved to the library and another for offline. I want to be able to save it to my library and then have the option of downloading it. Without using a playlist.

I use Spotify over 60 hours a week. My library is at its max. I only use the offline feature. I'm not able to stream. And I can't sit down and create playlists. So I just turn it on to all songs and put it on shuffle play.

Please help....