Saving albums doesn't save songs?


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I also find this change to be undesireable. Please consider bringing back this functionality or introducing an alternative method to add an album to your saved songs

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Calling ths streamlined is riduculous. All you did was remove a vital piece of functionality that apparently a lot of people including myself cared about. This is pretty much ruining the way I currently use spotify. Please un**bleep** this, thank you.

Re: Saving albums doesn't save songs?

Casual Listener

Is there anyway to undo this behaviour in Spotify and bring back the old 'functionality'? The new, lets call it 'logic' to the spotify app is confusing at best and anything but streamlined at worst. If I understand correctly, the new 'streamlined' UI requires me to 'like' every single song in album to download it, and then to also 'follow' every single artist to which I download any music, in order to even find them in my library? This is anything but streamlined and logical, and frankly its ridiculous that many months later nothing has been done to rectify the usability issues brought about by this update.


I love the service Spotify provides, and found it extremely convenient, but this last UI change has made Spotify so confusing and annoying to use, that I find myself using the service less and less any may even cancel my subscription. Please please hire some proper UX designers and fix this confusing clunky logic. The apps look as great and amazing as they always have, but the functionality has become massively worse.

Re: Saving albums doesn't save songs?


Hey folks,

Thanks for providing your feedback on this feature.

There's an idea which suggests bringing back this functionality here - feel free to show your support for it by adding your vote to it!

Let us know if you have any questions about this.

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Re: Saving albums doesn't save songs?


hi Peter,

thanks for your message. Unfortunately the link you provided doesn't work.

I also don't really like this change. If there is really a lot of people (there is??) that like to add only the album but not the songs I understand the update, but you shouldn't ruin the party to all the others.

So I'd say add another function like "add songs to library" in the contest menu of the album, so that we can click only 2 times to get the songs in the library. One to add the album and one to add the songs.
Or just rollback the update :)