Says Everything Needs Premium


Says Everything Needs Premium

Im just trying to use my Playlists I've made buy this app tells me I need premium for shuffle play. I'm not happy about this seeing as how when I used Spotify before I never needed premium for just basic shuffle play. I feel as if they are pressureing me to pay for it just to get the basic features, is there a fix or am I done with this app?
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If your not willing to pay then yes, your done with it. Shuffle is a premium thing.

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but premium is not that expensive if your a heavy user. Think of what it did cost you before spotify. All those cd-albums...


not saying that you should go premium but imo I think it is worth it.

Just a fan of Spotify.
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Re: Says Everything Needs Premium

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Actually, something's wrong here as the big "Shuffle" button at the top of your track list is the only way you can access music on Free. I suggest you go to spotify setting and clear the cache at the bottom. Then uninstall and redownload from Play store.

Don't worry, you won't lose any playlists or other data tied to your account.