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Search by artist and label is no longer working

Search by artist and label is no longer working

Search by label has stopped working at some point since October of 2023. Previously one could search using the following syntax

artist:Bauhaus, label:4AD


and this would return every Bauhaus album released on 4AD


That is no longer the case and now searching [artist:Bauhaus, label:4AD] will not return full results that can be limited to albums but only shows a handful of songs. Clicking the green text that says "view all results for artist: Bauhaus, label:4ad" results in nothing at all happening. The search function is largely broken.


Searching for [Bauhaus label:4AD] is automatically simplified by the app into a search for [4AD] without any mention of Bauhaus and returning mostly songs that weren't released by 4AD


I know this function was working back in early October. Please fix it swiftly, the usefulness of this app to me is greatly diminished without the basic functionality of an advanced search.



Premium subscriber using an up to date version on Android and based in the US

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Hi @gypsybill,


Thanks for reaching out. 


We tried to reproduce this issue on our end, but were unable to do so, so it seems like something on your end. Could you please provide us the following:

  • Is this on all devices or only on the one Android device?
  • Is only this search query not working as expected? If others are affected, could you provide some further examples?
  • Does it happen with different accounts? If you haven't tested this, please do so. You can use the account of someone you know or make one yourself.

With this information, we’d be happy to investigate.

Keep us posted.


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