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Search inside the playlist is gone


Search inside the playlist is gone

Hey I'm a premium user, I use Pixel 2 XL and right now the Search Bar when you swipe down on the top of the playlist is gone. I can't search for my songs inside the playlist now. That is on android. However I can search it from clicking the 3 dots on right top and click on ''find in playlist'' but I don't care about that. That is not convenient at all! Is this one of the Apple feature things? Like how am I unable to use such basic feature now? What is going on?






Pixel 2 XL

Operating System


Top Answer
Spotify Legend

Hey folks,


Thanks for bringing this to our attention.


If you would like the Search function to be reimplemented within playlists, make sure to head on over here and add your vote to the idea. The more votes that the idea garners, the more likely it is that Spotify will consider reimplementing it!


In the meantime, you can check out this post (which includes screenshots) to see how to access the Search function for playlists.


Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any other questions regarding this.

42 Replies

Why would they remove a perfectly working feature? 

This also makes using the app while driving a lot more dangerous, since it requires you to look at your phone. Incentivizing reckless drivers to not keep their eyes on the road is a terrible idea. 

You hope that helps? After you have marked the issue as solved and allowing us all to vote back a feature that has already existed?

The best part is that the poll is marked as 'new idea' in the link you sent. No Peter that did not help, not one bit.

I also think it was unnecessary and I’m hoping for an update soon.

This is one of the most **bleep**ed design decisions you guys made in the past and i mean you already made a lot of them! No wonder when you choose to change the user interface completely every second week...


PLEASE bring back the old playlist search feature, the three extra steps you added are a real pain 😞


Also invest more time and energy into making the application faster and stop changing the userinterface as soon as users have adaptet to it

keep getting my hopes up with every new update. Considering they used to have this feature surely it shouldn't be too difficult.  

So you decided to remove an obviously useful feature and now want us to vote to get it back? Thanks Spotify Team!

I have been a Spotify user since 2011 and a premium user since then. This is the first time I post in this forum, and it's because I'm very upset with the decision to remove this feature. Conveniently searching wkthin a playlist is a BASIC app feature. This needs to be fixed for Android users. 


Taking away the search bar is the stupidest idea you guys ever had

been a spotify premium user since 2013 and have had to regularly look up why features dissapear or try and fix stupid design decisions that make no sense (like not being able to reorder a playlist on mobile). This is the first time I've been annoyed enough to comment. I cannot believe someone working for spotify actively decided that the unobstrusive search bar at the top needed to be moved into a menu with unneccesarily slow animations.

Hey Peter, 8 months later and this still has been fixed. When will it be changed back?

Realistically I dont think its coming back. They would rather you use their 'main' search function. But on the off chance spotify feels like adding back it's old functionality heres a bump.

Just upgraded from my 5 year old iPhone 6 to the Galaxy S10 and have now found myself here because of the same issue as everyone else. Swipe down to search within Liked Songs and Playlists was perfectly present and functioning on my iPhone and I used it a lot, it's absurd to see it's not there on a brand new flagship device and sad to see that this issue has been going on for a while with no action taken.

Spotify have turned into Facebook, they don't give a **bleep** about their users because they know better. Time to switch to a better music streaming service.

Please bring this feature back! It just...makes sense. 

Still unable to search via the playlist after a full year of complaints. 


I was sad to see this forum confirm all of what I already knew, seeing as how my partner has an iPhone as has been able to search without issue.  I don't understand why it was removed, and no one in the Android community knows either.  I have been using Spotify since before my partner (the iPhone user) and even introduced him to it.  I've been a premium user, on and off for the betterment of 7 years and definitely have a loyalty to Spotify.  This, however, is egregious, and will eventually lead me to want to search for other options for a service.  Playlists be d*mned, I will rebuild elsewhere.

Please put the search bar back on the playlists page. I dont want to go to the top right three dots and then click filter songs. This was a terrible design change. Do the people that work for spotify actually use the al? It sure doesn't look like it. Also I have a note 9.

literally the worst ever Spotify tweak I've ever experienced in over half a decade

Agreed, this is such a frequently used feature that it feels really frustrating to dig into the menu each time,when it used to be so easily accessible. I really hope they revert the change and make the search bar easily accessible from the song list again. 


It would be really helpful if a community manager could comment on this, the dates in this thread demonstrates its something many peoplue have been wanting for a long time.

It seems like a ploy to get us all to switch to iphones. It is working.. Spotify works like a dream on my iPad without any loading and easy filtering. It's getting tempting to change to the dark side on my phone as well..

How come Apple has the find in playlist and sort playlist out on the front of the playlist page but Android has to have it crammed in that stupid fck 3 dot area??! It's the most stupid, incovinient **bleep** I've ever seen.


If most ppl are like me they LIVE on search and sort to find songs in huge playlists... I can't wait until they put it back out in the main page on the top of the page like the old Spotify had.


At least the idiots who design the interface at Spotify had enough sense to put the "search playlists" on the top and front of the playlists page. It's ridiculous...

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