Share button has changed, for the worst


Share button has changed, for the worst

In the latest app update, the usual Android share (aka intents) menu has now been removed, and replaced with limited options for posting on social media, to a Spotify friend, or copying the link.

The previous menu allowed me to share a link to something like WhatsApp.

EDIT: as I went back to the app while writing this, I see the old share menu is still there, but is buried and takes an extra step.

For anyone else that stumbles on this, you can find it by going to Share > Post to > More, then the old menu will appear.

Slightly annoying because I share most tracks with friends over WhatsApp this creates an extra step. But I'm mostly just glad the setting is still there.
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EDIT 2: sharing to WhatsApp no longer includes the Artist - Song prefix in front of the link. Slightly annoying.

Casual Listener

Yep, pointless and annoying change, please put it back how it was. Thanks


Very annoying change, but thanks for the instructions! 


I'd rather have the old option as this takes unnecessary extra steps...