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Share music with friends using Samsung J5

Share music with friends using Samsung J5

Why I can´t share music with other users ?  

I have some friends but if I wanna share music, they don´t appear.  

I use Samsung J5 Android.


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Hey @leovargas, welcome to the Community!


Can you let us know the Spotify version you currently have? Also, does it help if you try sharing music through the web player?


Looking forward to your reply.

Hi! Im having the same problem here.
Mine is a galaxy j5 and im with the latest version of spotify.

The option "send to" just doesnt show. Instead my cellphone ask me to chose an app to finish the sharing operation (whatsapp, email, facebook etc giving me the link to copy and past).
I could never sent songs to a friend using this galaxy j5.

Is there a solution?

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