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Sharing with a family member....

Sharing with a family member....

I just signed up for a premium family account with Spotify.  My wife and I both had an account with another service and couldn't be happier that we switched to Spotify.  It's really a great way to discover new music.  My question is this:  Is there an easy way to send my wife a song that I've found when I find one that I think she'd be interested in?  I'm following her and she's following me, but without an email or a text I can't figure it out.  It seems that there should be an easy way to send her a song through Spotify.  Neither of us want to link our Facebook accounts to Spotify.

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Hey @Jackscolon99 

Beside the song you want to share there should be 3 or 4 horizontal dots. If you press it you should get an option to share. You have the option to share to facebook or to your followers. I'll give and example on the computer real quick.Pic1.pngPic2.png

This should post to all the people that are following you.

I appreciate your quick response, but that didn't work.  Your Spotify pages look different than mine.  My (android) page reads from top to bottom like this.  Remove - Add to Playlist - Add to up next - Go to album - Go to artist - Share - Go to song radio.  And when I click Send To my page reads Select Recipient - Email - SMS.  When I choose select recipient it shows To:________________ and under that it says Write Message.  When I type in my wife's spotify name it does nothing.  It doesn't highlight the send button so when I tap on it, it does nothing.

Thanks lukebotham1 for getting back to me.  I've done this.  It seems simple enough, but she doesn't receive anything when I post it to my followers.  It almost seems as though there is a setting somewhere that's denying her receipt of the message.

Hey @Jackscolon99 sorry it didn't work. It's should show up on her feed. There is another way, you could have a "Suggested Songs" playlist between you. Where both of you could add songs you recommend. Just a thought. Sorry I couldn't help much more.

Check my screenshots again, when Send To screen appears try to type her Spotify name there (try spotify:user:toku or just toku_) to see if Spotify finds her. If that doesn't help try to uninstall and reinstall Spotify. Your wife have to also uninstall and reinstall.

Can you try to follow me on spotify temporary, so I can check if I can send you a song. My spotify is spotify:user:toku_

I'm now following you. 

Hmm, my Followers list is empty and looks like I'm not the only one:

I'm still showing that I'm following my wife, but not you.  That doesn't seem to be my issue unless it's all a big connected glitch.  I tried to send you a picture of what I'm looking at, but I can't figure out how to do it.  I did uninstall/re-install the app, but that didn't do anything.  Maybe I just need to hold of for a couple of days and see if they fix a bug.

How to add a picture here:




Then click Choose Files and browse your photo.


My Spotify username has a underscore at the end:



In the first photo, it doesn't show me where I'm posting it to like it does on the desktop (followers).  Second picture the send button is never activated to tap it.

Maybe it's because I can not see you as my follower, or because you forgot to add an underscore at the end of my username, also try to add a short message to see if that will activate the Send button.

My desktop shows us following each other.  I sent a song to "my followers".  Adding an underscore didn't help, nor did the message.

I'm sorry to hear that, I'm afraid that we just have to wait a bit and check later if this issue is getting a hotfix or something. Be sure to check that thread I linked.

I'll keep an eye on it.  I really, really appreciate all of the effort you've put forth in trying to get this resolved.  Thanks a ton.

No worries, we're here helping each other out. I think as of now Spotify shows Followers as a Ghost Followers, even though your Spotify shows that you have a Follower it might be a Ghost Follower. When you first time followed her it didn't go through correctly.


We'll see when Spotify will fix this issue.

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