Shuffle all songs in large playlists


Shuffle all songs in large playlists







Pixel 2, Amazon Show, and Windows 10 PC

Operating System

Latest Android, both spotify and OS up to date


My Question or Issue

 I've seen this issue several times on these forums even back in 2016 and there seems to be now way to properly shuffle a large playlist in spotify, no matter what way the playlist is sorted. If it's sorted by date added it will only shuffle within the first 50-100 songs I added recently, alphabetical order will shuffle 50-100 songs from A to C, and so on. This doesn't seem like much of a fix, and it's a bug that happens when I'm playing on my Echo Show and just on my laptop and phone. My playlist is about 1000 songs long so I get pretty tired of hearing the same things over and over again. I've restarted the app many times, logged in and out of devices and restarted them. Spotify, plz fix. 

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Re: Shuffle all songs in large playlists


I've noticed this too, mostly via Echo device. My morning playlist has just shy of 1000 songs, but the Echo only plays artists starting with A or B (so about 130 songs).