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Shuffle only plays songs in one section of playlist

Shuffle only plays songs in one section of playlist

Plan: Free

Country: USA

Device: Samsung Galaxy Tab E tablet


For example, if I sort my playlist alphabetically by song name and click a song that begins with the letter "G" and shuffle, it will continue playing only songs beginning with "G."

If my playlist is sorted by date added, it only plays songs near the one I clicked to play first. Sorted by artists will play the same artist over and over if I have a lot of their songs on my list, or will play songs by other artists with same beginning initial.

This has been going on literally for a few years now.

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Hey @hannibalhaswari,


Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the Community.


We appreciate your feedback about the shuffle function and will make sure that it reaches the right team.


Right now the function is not completely random, but it relies on an algorithm to play songs that you'll like, but we understand that you'd like to see that changed.


In the meantime you can add your support for this idea. It requests advanced shuffle options that stop specific content from playing again in a certain timeframe. We'll inform on any developments there, if there are any. So make sure to subscribe, if you haven’t already. 


You can also take a look at this suggestion for a fully random shuffle.


Hope this info is useful. Let us know if there's anything else we can help with.

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