Shuffle play plays first 10 songs first before playing other songs in playlist


Shuffle play plays first 10 songs first before playing other songs in playlist







Samsung Galaxy S9Plus

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Android 10


My Question or Issue

When selecting a playlist and hitting the "Shuffle play" button, the first ten songs of a playlist are played first before other songs of the playlist are played. The first ten songs as well as the other songs are not always played in the same order; however, it is the case that always the top ten songs are shuffled first before the other songs of the playlist are shuffled.


A few additional remarks: This has also happened on an iOS device with my Spotify account and has also happened for a friend's Spotify account on Android. It does not matter whether the phone is connected to a Bluetooth device or not. After I once logged off of my Spotify account on all installed devices, the problem disappeared but only for one day until the issue reoccurred - now the issue persists although I am using Spotify only on one device. 


Any help is much appreciated!

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Same thing happening here. I've been listening to the Global Groove playlist by Spotify the past couple of weeks, and I now realize that I've already heard the first 10 songs about a million times while barely having heard the rest of the playlist.

Why would this be "expected behavior for some of the playlists we offer"? This makes no sense to me. Shuffle means shuffle. Especially the 'some' in above sentence bugs me - why would some playlists behave differently than others?

Spotify - please fix this, or at least explain why and when this could possibly be the desired behavior.


Same problem here , very annoying....

On Mac and iPhone.


For exemple on the playlist Organica , I've asked 2 friends of mine to try to shuffle it , same problem they have to listen the 10 first songs then the others.

Please fix that Spotify , I've just canceled Apple Music for your service , that's not a good start.

Ok so I sent a mail to the french support (I’m from France) and they told me there were « 2 corrupted devices on my account »
They removed them and guess what no more shuffle problems !
So you guys can try that…


So this didn't last long , back home and as soon as I use Spotify Connect on my Sonos 5 shuffle doesn't work , It plays the same songs each time I shuffle a playlist.


Must be something between Spotify and Sonos...


I don't think this is a bug. I'm pretty sure they do this on purpose. This is annoying as **bleep** and it only happens on spotifys playlists they put together. 


Oh my god. No kidding. Why would you curate 12 hours of music and then rig the shuffle? The whole reason people click shuffle instead of starting at the beginning is to HEAR DIFFERENT SONGS THAN THEY HEARD LAST TIME. I don't know why, but I'm fuming about it.


Is there any update on when this may be fixed for the spotify-generated playlists? I really like some of them, but it is extremely frustrating to have to skip through the first 10 songs whenever I want to listen to the rest of the playlist.


Hey folks, 


Thanks for your messages. 


We understand where you're coming from. However, we can confirm that this is an expected behavior for some of the playlists made by Spotify.


Keep in mind that this won't affect your own playlists or any user-created playlists, and you'll be able to get the remaining songs of the playlist to play in shuffle after the first ten tracks.


Also, tapping another song on the playlist will reset the Play Queue, but you can always edit it by manually dragging the songs up or down. 


We really appreciate your feedback, and will make sure it reaches the right teams. 


The Community will be here if you need anything else.

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"we can confirm that this is an expected behavior for some of the playlists made by Spotify" - Why??

I cannot imagine a reason why you would stop shuffle working in your playlists. Is there an actual reason for this?


I have to create copies of all spotify created playlists before listening to them, as its the only way to get the shuffle to work.


It’s very annoying ! And it’s happening at all Spotify playlists . I do t think that it’s a bug , it looks like this happening on purpose and it’s unacceptable . That ruins the hole playlist . A temporary solution is to hide the first 10 songs from the playlist . The rest ones are in suffle . 


Hello there . It looks like it has been fixed , for me ta least . What about yours ?  The shuffle button it’s working like it should . 


Hi, Yes it seems like it has! Finally 🙂


Yes it doesn’t do it anymore finally!

Was it really an “expected” behaviour , we’ll never know.

if that was the case it was the stupidest choice ever for a shuffle behaviour…anyway good thing it’s over.

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