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Shuffle play skips to "suggested songs"

Shuffle play skips to "suggested songs"

When I press "shuffle play" on an album, it doesn't play the album, it just plays "suggested songs". Same happens with an artist.

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Hello @SuperSuit12

Unfortunately this is one of the limitations of Spotify Free on mobile:

On mobile, you get ad-supported, shuffle-only access on compatible devices. This means:

  • You can’t stream specific songs on demand, and you’re only able to skip a track 6 times per hour.
  • Sometimes you'll hear a mix of similar tracks from other artists to what you're playing.

You can learn more here

It does not play an artist's music or an album at all. The songs are nothing like what I listen to and seem to be just what's popular. It is not shuffle play. If I wanted what's popular I'd turn on a real radio. This is not working as intended or someone doesn't know what shuffle play means.  Others report the same issue with playlists, though my only playlist works fine.

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