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Song Radio and View Album options greyed out

Song Radio and View Album options greyed out






Samsung Galaxy 6

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Android Kit Kat


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I've been a spotify Premium user since 2016. Recently in the past few weeks I've noticed that the View Album, View Artist and Go To Song Radio options are dimmed for every song. They seem to have been completely disabled. This defeats my main purpose in having a Spotify account i.e. to find new music. I've read various posts on indidiviual songs being dimmed due to copyright issues but never seen an issue where the above options are disabled. Is this something that others have experienced? I've always had these options since signing up. My Premium account is via a local telco where I get a special deal on data bundles for Spotify.  




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I checked with a colleague who also has a Spotify Premium account in Singapore and his options are not dimmed. I did a reboot of the phone and all three menu items reappeared. Not sure exactly what happened but something seems to have gotten stuck somewhere. Anyway it's fixed.



thanks for letting me know about reboot fix!

I have exact same issue and I use Spotify for exactly same reason.


Hi there!


Please go to THIS ongoing issue that I created, vote for it and post a comment describing your issue and also what device, OS version and Spotify version you have.


Thank you!

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