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Song playback is too fast

Song playback is too fast

Help ! Spotify has been working great then recently after its been on for half an hour or so all the songs start playing too quickly. Its driving me mad and ruining the listening experience! Its the same regardless of whether using bluetooth, headphones or just playing straight from phone speakers. Have reinstalled app several times but still same problem. Paying for Premium and its driving me nuts - tried tweeting spotify - no reply - all the so called 'solutions' on web are not real solutions - can anyone advise? Is there a playback speed setting buried somewhere in the app?

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There's no way to ajust the speed. Have you tried reinstalling spotify following the steps here? If not, give it a try. If you still have problems after doing that, details of your device, android and spotify versions will be helpful.

Hi Joe

I've done this a couple of times now but the problem remains. Seems ok during the day, then when I listen in the evenings everything speeds up - so annoying - have to turn it off. I have the latest version installed from Playstore. Using the app on a Samsung S5... any thoughts?


Did you clear the data and delete the folder If not, give it a try. Otherwise, see if the support guys can help.You can contact them here.

Thanks Joe - I'll try and contact the help guys  x

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