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Songs/ArtistsAlbums List Doesn't Update for Offline Use

Songs/ArtistsAlbums List Doesn't Update for Offline Use

I've done some research and troubleshooting based on others' solutions  for similar topics, but haven't found something that works based on my exact situation yet.


Here is my problem:


When I save new songs into my 'saved music', the song will download and show the green 'saved' icon next to the title, like normal. (I use my home wifi to download)


However, when I go offline, my recently saved songs will not appear in my library (list of songs, artists, or albums). I can confirm that the songs are indeed saved, because if I have added the same song to a personal or saved playlist which I have downloaded, I can play the downloaded song, BUT I cannot play the song from my 'all songs/artists/albums' lists.


When I do a clean reinstall the app, all of my recently saved music appears, and when I re-download my library, all the music is available again, UNTIL I save some new music, and then that new music does not show up in my library again while offline.


Since I usually like to play music from my entire library, this has been quite a nuisance.  So far I've reinstalled twice in order to see all my music, but Im hoping for a simpler solution.


Phone information: ASUS ZenFone 4 max+

32gb storage + 32gb high speed microSD (each have at least half space remaining, spotify music is set to save to microSD)


Thank you for reading and hopefully someone can provide some insight on my issue.  

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When in doubt, re install the application and sign in and out of your account. You never know it may be a simple issue that will be fixed with that. 

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