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Songs Won't Play on Galaxy S7.

Songs Won't Play on Galaxy S7.

Whenever I tap on a song, nothing happens. Any help would be appreciated! :- )

10 Replies

Do you have premium? Do you get an error message?


Which question are you answering?

Both, sorry.

Read this.

This didn't really help me. Did you link the wrong article or something? :- P

It says:

On mobile, you get ad-supported, shuffle-only access on compatible devices. This means:

  • You can’t stream specific songs on demand

In other words you can only listen to music by hitting the "shuffle play" button.

Wait, if I can do that on my tablet, then shouldn't I be able to do it on my phone?

Wouldn't it be easier if you actually read the article I linked you to or do I really have to repeat the relevant sections here?

I didn't see that part at first, sorry. Well, that sucks. Thanks for your help, anyways.

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