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Songs not adding to play queue

Songs not adding to play queue

So for the past week or so, I have been unable to add songs to my 'Queue' on my phone. It appears to work fine when adding songs to the Queue on my desktop.


When pressing 'Add to Queue' it comes up saying 'Song Added to Queue' but it is nowhere to be found and the next track played is the following track on the album / playlist.


I have tried reinstalling Spotify and this fixed the problem for around a day until it reocurred. I have some some other posts suggesting this may be due to a blue light filter, but I have mine turned off.


I use this functionaltiy all the time as I prefer to add a Jukebox of songs as my mood takes me rather than changing playlists etc.


Any suggestions?








Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


Operating System

Android 8 

4 Replies

Hey @HinnyBrit.


Could you send us the exact Spotify version you're using? Also, is this happening while the app is Offline, or while you're streaming the music?


In the meantime, does logging out and back in to Spotify help at all? You can also try using the Android settings to force stop the app, and launch it again to see if it does the trick.


Keep us posted.

“Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens.”
― Maria Augusta von Trapp



I have the same problem, but I noticed that it is one when streaming to his Chrome cast. 


It did not help to try the things you recomended. 


My spotify version is

Like Karlkatt above, I have determined this only happens when casting. In my case to a Google Home devices.

I also cannot rearrange an existing playlist to play on a different order by dragging the tracks into different positions in the playlist queue window.

I'm on the latest version

I can confirm, I have the same issue for couple of weeks or so. While casting to Chromecast Audio songs are not added to queue when performed from Android app. It shows a pop-up confirmation that song is added to queue while it's not.

Works just fine when I add songs from Spotify Mac.


Android 8.0,

Spotify app version

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