Songs not available when too much from same artist


Songs not available when too much from same artist



I have a problem that's been persistent for a while on my Android phone, even after updates from both my phone and the spotify app.

I really love Pink Floyd and therefore I have about 90 songs from them saved, and downloaded on my sd card. Problem is : when I go and click on Pink Floy in my music library, it just won't display anything. I can wait all the time I want, it's not charging, and there is nothing I can do about it. I have to go and search for the songs specifically in my library or in the search fonction, which is really annoying. It does it for every artist I have too much songs from, at a certain point it won't allow me to access them through the artist interface of my library. Of course I've restarted my phone, installed/desinstalled the app, etc. My phone has even been broken and repaired, and the mother card (don't know about that translation) has been changed. So it's definitely not a problem from my phone, but from the app.

To make it clear, when I click on the artist, then the new page open but it's blank (black). No charging icon, nothing.


I have spotify premium and come from France. I am on a long distance trip accross Europe so am now in Portugal, but already had this problem in France (not 100% sure, it's been a long time).

My phone is a Crosscall trekkerx3 which runs on android 6 marshmallow i believe.


I hope we can fix this problem !

Kind regards