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Sonos Speakers Stop Playback After Current Track

Sonos Speakers Stop Playback After Current Track

Phone: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935V

Hardware version: REV 0.7

Android Version: 7

Security patch level: April 1, 2017


Spotify version: armV7

Sonos App version: 7.2 (build 35339102)

Sonos speakers: Two Play:5 and one Sub



When using Spotify app to play tracks on my Sonos speakers, Spotify stops playing after 1 or 2 tracks have played. Sometimes it stops during playback, sometimes in-between tracks. There seems to be no consistency as to how long it will play before stopping.

Every time Spotify stops playback, I notice the connection to the Sonos speakers has dropped and the phone is now selected as the playback device. I can re-connect to the Sonos speakers under "available devices" and resume playback, but it will again drop the connection to Sonos speakers after a period of time.

Switching to the Sonos app after Spotify stops I can resume playing the track(s) without further problems. The Sonos app will play Spotify tracks without dropping connection, no problems.


I would like to get this fixed as it is simpler to use the Spotify app where I have access to all of its features (Sonos does not have all the features Spotify does, of course).


Thank you for any help

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Does anyone else have problems with the Spotify app not being able to connect/play to their Sonos speakers?

Still having the same issue where the Spotify apps just refuses to connect to Sonos and play; this renders the Spotify app useless and the only recourse is using the (very limited) Sonos app to play my Spotify music.

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