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Sorting podcasts by unplayed results in error

Sorting podcasts by unplayed results in error

Premium user, USA, Samsung Galaxy S8 on Android Oreo. Spotify and device up to date. 


I'm trying to sort my podcasts by "unplayed," as I always do, but for some reason now when I try, I get a message saying "An error occurred." It's happening on all the podcasts I am following, though I can still play them unsorted. Have tried on mobile data and wifi, tried restarting phone, and force quitting the app.


EDIT: Tried to sort by unplayed on my boyfriend's phone (S8+, Oreo) and had the same issue. Just a message that says "An error occurred." Added screenshot of error message & version number. 

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I get this too and have for the last couple of weeks. I'm on a s9 with the latest version of spotify. 


Tried several reboots of phone and uninstalling and reinstalling spotify. I have plenty of space left as well (only using 23gb out of 64gb). All without success.

This has been happening to me too, for a couple weeks now. It's frustrating because I used that feature almost daily before this issue popped up. 😞


I'm on an S9, with latest Android and Spotify versions. 

Same issue. LG v30+. UTD.

Well, it's sort of fixed on my phone. It used to show all episodes that hadn't been played to the end, but now it's counting even episodes that have 1 second of them played as "played" and thus out of the "Unplayed" filter. Which makes it a bit useless. 

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