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Specific songs blocked from offline sync?


Specific songs blocked from offline sync?

Casual Listener

I've enabled a playlist with some local tunes from my library in Windows. All songs are now 'not greyed out' , and also will play on my windows box when I click 'Offline Mode'. But the tune I concerned about still won't get pushed to my Android.


Are there specific artists who block offline / mobile play? I can't seem to get a song here or there to sync, and syncing seems to work perfectly fine except for a couple of tunes so I am wondering if artists specifically have this disabled and this is the problem?

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Re: Specific songs blocked from offline sync?

Casual Listener

Actually this looks like local tunes aren't syncing because for some reason my Android isn't showing up in my Devices list. Does anyone know how to fix this? I deleted and reinstalled the app on my phone.


Syncing is working as when I make a change on my Mac / Windows box I see the change immedialty propagate to my phone, but I can't get local tunes to sync, nor my phone to ever appear in the devices list.


Any suggestions?