Spofity and Google Music Pausing War


Spofity and Google Music Pausing War

Casual Listener

Hello everyone,


I have encountered an obnoxious issue on my Android. I have a Moto X 2nd Gen, running 5.1, Spotify app version armV7, and Google Play Music version "7.2.4222-1.L.3634639". I've checked for updates to the phone, spotify, and google play and they all seem to be up to date.


Here is how to reproduce the issue:

0. Close ALL apps.

1. Open Google Play Music, put on a song.

2. Open a computer logged in to the same spotify account

3. Play a song on said computer. Then Pause it and resume it.

4. The Google Play app will pause, and Spotify will pop up on the phone.


I've tried:

0: Restarting my phone many times. This issue has been going on for a few months now for me.

1. The "Volume fix". Some people on the forums swear by it. If you turn your phone down from max volume and close all the apps, this issue allegedly goes away. No dice for me :(

2. Pausing the Spotify app and closing it (Either from the app drawer, or the notifications drawer). No luck either way.

3. Offering burnt sacrifices to the internet gods and did a rain dance. No answer yet...


Picture 1: Spotify and all apps closed, then played a song on Google Play

Picture 2: Pressed play on PC spotify. This bug makes me so blue...