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Spotify Ad claimed Mobile wouldn't be "just a free trial"

Spotify Ad claimed Mobile wouldn't be "just a free trial"

While listening to Spotify Free yesterday, an Ad (the voiced kind) popped up and said something along the lines of:

"Hello Spotify Free users! You can now listen to Spotify on  your cellphone for free. Not just a free trial, always free, always available. Just download the Spotify App" 


So I did exactly that and downloaded the Spotify App to my Android. First time I opened the App it stated my 48 hour free trial had started. 


Then I get back on my computer and it states I'm a Spotify Premium user for 30 days. 

I never paid for anything, never entered credit card information AND the Ad stated that it would NOT be a free trial to have Spotify on my phone. 


I'm a bit ticked off to be brutally honest. 

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I've just taken a look at your account, and you are currently on the 48 hour trial. There is no payment made for this, nor will any payment made, as we currently have no payment details on hand for your account.

In the US, people on the free, advert supported version of Spotify will be able to use the Radio feature totally free.
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