Spotify Android Auto doesn't show complete playlist.

Spotify Android Auto doesn't show complete playlist.


I have just bought a new car and it has Android auto app, the thing is that when I select one of my playlist, I can't see what is inside that specific list.

It really sucks because I want to hear a song and the Android Auto app is not showing them.

I have to look in my phone and select it from there and that's not useful.

Do you have a solution of this issue?


Thanks in advance!

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The above does not help at all. Why is half of my playlist missing when I use android auto. When I add to the playlist the newly added tracks are not listed in the playlist and i then have to go to my phone and play the tracks from the phone but strangely the sound comes through the android auto app

I'm wondering the same. It seems more than half of any playlist is not available via AA.

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