Spotify, Android, and ford applink


Spotify, Android, and ford applink


So with the recent update with a significantly improved UI and feature set (Yay! We now have radio access from the sync screen!) I noticed my #1 most used feature seems to have inadvertantly been removed.


Previously I was able to hit menu, and choose "My Saved Songs" to play EVERYTHING I had saved/starred from any interface. The car interface still allows me to add/remove from my list thankfully, but I have no longer any way of actually PLAYING them in the car!


Playlists are still there, starred from radio is there (honestly, who uses that?) but no longer can I play my saved songs.


Please fix!


Ford Sync 3 with Applink (large navigation screen) 

Android on 6.0 (Moto X 2014)

Latest public spotify version (

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Re: Spotify, Android, and ford applink


New version out, and this issue is still present, with even MORE problems now.


After 2-3 songs I get nothing but silence permanently. I can go next, next, next, and nothing plays audibly. Once I scan all the way back to the others that were playing before, they play again.


5.5 was much more stable it seems as far as playback was concerned, it does however appear that the frozen notification panel that 5.5 added is fixed in 5.6.


So two steps back, one step forward?


PLEASE add "My Saved Songs" back to the menu entry on the in car display, especially since I cant use the app while connected to my car to manually choose that playlist.