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The App doesnt work anymore on my phone after the latest Update.


I already tried to reinstall the App, deleted all the data and everything, then tried to reinstall.

It worked for about a minute, until i tried to download my playlists again, but after it downloaded about 3 songs, a little window popped up, telling my i dont have enough space available, which is not true, i got about 20 gb on my sd card and 4 on my systemdrive left, plus i had even more on my phone before the update and everything worked just fine.


Please help me as soon as possible, since I am paying to use Spotify and i do not want to pay for service i cannot use...

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Can you try clearing the cache and trying again? Also try without an SD Card in your device.


Other tips can be found in the below guide: 

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I did all this, and the App works until i start to download a playlist.

First the App downloads a few songs, but then a little window pops up saying that the Offline synchronisation failed because there is not enough space left on my device. The App then crashes and even though i restart my phone and the app i just simply get a black screen and a window pops up saying "Spotify stopped" and nothing is working anymore.