Spotify Connect - Android App - Fail to Stream

Spotify Connect - Android App - Fail to Stream








Galaxy Note 10+

Operating System



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I have a Denon HEOS 2 receiver which supports Spotify Connect.


I'm able to view the device on my Android phone under "Connect to a device". However, when I try connect to the receiver and play a song - the app gets stuck on "Conecting..." and never initiates playing the song. Rarely however, this function has worked, but loses connection again when I pick the next song.


I've power cycled router / phone and receiver a number of times.


When using my iPad, i'm able to use Spotify Connect flawlessly, which makes me thing that this issue relates to the Android App.


Any help would be appreciated.

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I just solved my Android 10 (random) conectivity problems too by firing up my old IPad. I have had nothing but problems (many months) with my Pixel 3 and my new Denon X4500H. It works in the morning but coming back in the evening the connection refuses to work. 

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