Spotify Connect - Multiroom


Spotify Connect - Multiroom

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i have found some older topics, which describes the function to stream music via spotify connect to multiple speakers.


These option is now available from spotify with the new speakers from phlips, teufel, etc.


But i have following Problem, scenario:


I have:

1x Teufel Raumfeld One M

1x Gramofon connected to my older analog stereo music system


Now i can see in the android app of spotify both devices and i can stream music to both, but not simultaneously to both. (Multiroom)


As in the description of Multiroom explained, i can hear music on all speakers at the same time even a different track:


look at the philips speakers on amazon:


(explanation is only in german, but here is the description from spotify):

  • Multi Room.Spotify Connect is now available on a number of Multi Room systems, allowing you to group several speakers in your home to play the same music. And if you have several Spotify users in your family, you can stream music from different accounts in different rooms – so everyone can listen to their favourite music.


So i can group speakers and stream music to both, but how can i group the speakers?

Is it only available for speakers from the same company so for example only group speakers from philips or teufel to a group? 


Has anybody out there a working multi room setup and can explain how the multi room option really works, because from the app itself Spotify is still not supporting Multi Room.


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Just FYI, a big drawback (for me at least) with Chromecast Audio is that it doesn't support crossfade. I typically have 5-8s crossover and this doesn't work; plus an added gap if you're listening to 'mixed' albums. I've also had a few issues with dropped signal. Still, this may not affect you.


If you want decent standalone speakers to connect to, I'd recommend Edifier in general - solid build and very reasonable price for the sound quality, plus a range of different styles.