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Spotify Connect doesn't find Raumfeld Connector anmore

Spotify Connect doesn't find Raumfeld Connector anmore

If successfully used Spotify Connect on Android for some time to stream music onto my Raumfeld Connector.

I don't recall when I had used it the last time, but now the device is no longer found by Spotify Connect.

I've already re-installed Spotify, but without any impact.


I don't recall any recent software updates (but they might still have happened), the only difference is that my free trial period has now ended, and not I pay for not being able to use the premium feature anymore. 😞


Any idea?

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Unfortunately Spotify Connect is a premium only feature which explains why it is np longer working for you. Please see the thread Subscription Comparison Chart for a comparison of the different subscription levels Spotify offer.

Please use the search feature before posting a problem/bug/idea.
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Sorry for not being clear with my previous post: I now have the premuim subscription since the free expired a new weeks ago. But last time I successfully streamed something to my Raumfeld, I was still in the free trial phase.

Last night Spotify Connect suddenly found my Raumfeld Connector again. I did not modify anything. Will keep you posted in case it stops working again.

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