Spotify Connect stop playing after one song


Spotify Connect stop playing after one song

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Galaxy S7 and Samsung laptop

Operating System

Android 8.0.0 and Windows 10, last update


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I have been using Spotify Connect through a Yamaha WXAD 10 Wireless Streaming Adapter ( connected through wireless WIFI, not LAN, for five months without a problem, but yesterday afternoon Spotify started to show a bizarre behaviour:


I was playing an album through my phone, and after one song, Spotify stopped and it would not play the nex song, even if i tapped the forward-button.


Tried to open other albums. It played one song, but then stopped instead of playing the next.  Then I tried to play from the Windows laptop, and same happened there. When playing Spotify on the phone using "Play from this device", it also stopped after one song. Same happened on desktop using "Play from this device".


But then, last night: I could play an album through, and switch to another album. This morning I tried to change to another album ... and the problem came back: Not possible to play the followin song.


Then I left home for work, and volila: Spotify worked as usual playing next song without a hitch. When I came to work, I could play Spotify without problems on my computer.


Have tried the following:

- Reinstall Spotify on my laptop

- Restart phone and laptop

- Removed cache from Spotify app on phone

- restarted the streaming adapter. 


Hope somebody can help.

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Re: Spotify Connect stop playing after one song

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could have something to do with the problem described in this thread:


if you have the same problem, you presumably can stream albums from an artist page but not from the library. playlists should stream without problems too.

It seems, the problem appears only if you stream albums stored in your library.


Re: Spotify Connect stop playing after one song

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Interesting! I will check if it is like songs in albums no longer cast, and yet songs inside a playlist do cast. 


When I see this is a problem with Chromecast too, I (hopefully) hope it is nothing wrong with my Musiccast streamer


Re: Spotify Connect stop playing after one song

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I discovered that when I played songs from playlists, the problem did not happen.  Then I did the following on my laptop:

  1. I tried to play this album from my library:
  2. The first song played, but it stopped after that song, and it was impossible to make it play the next song.
  3. Then I removed the album from my library
  4. Then I tried to play the first song again. It finished .... and ..... it went on to play the next song without a problem!

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