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Spotify Connect switches to headphones on my mobile automatically

Spotify Connect switches to headphones on my mobile automatically


for some reason, I have encountered this really annoying feature - as far as I know this is new.


I have Spotify Connect playing on my home speakers via my android Samsung S9 and I connect put in my headset (maybe to receive or make a call), Spotify automatically switches from Connect to the device and starts playing on my headphones.


This is REALLY annoying. I understand it in normal playback (on the device, not Connect), but  Connect is Connect, I don't want what's happening on the phone interfering.


Is there any way to turn this off?

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Hey @50lwjk_-htbts!


Thank you for reaching out on the Community and sorry for the delayed reply.


It sounds like the playback of the music is changed back to the device connected to your phone via Bluetooth, which is expected at this point.


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Happens to me to each time I listen to music on my Bose Sounbar with Spotify Connect. Every time I take my earpods out of the case to make a call the playback switches to the earphones. Is there a way to stop this? The situation is extremely annoying! Thanks






S22 U

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Android 12


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I recently bought new headphones and a quite annoying problem occured. Imagine listening to music via Spotify Connect /Google Chromecast on your tv's soundbar (wich you didn't even start via the phone but via your laptop) and you connect your BT-HP to your Android device to place a call. All of a sudden the music from your speaker stops and the music switches to your BT HP.
Is there something I can do about it? Connecting your heaphones shouldn't lead to this behaviour....

I agree with your suggestion tigaaa, but you need to make a new comment so we can all upvote it.


The issue is very annoying.


I have the same issue and find this terribly annoying.

Same problem here. When listening via spotify connect I connect my headphones music switches to playing on the phone via headphones. No Bluetooth is used, cable headset, Spotify Connect controlled via wifi or internet.

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