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Spotify Connect with wifi hotspot

Spotify Connect with wifi hotspot

I have discovered an intereseting thing. 


I have recently installed a Tiny Audio M7 to make my old 70'ies amp smart. And this little Tiny is equiped with Spotify Connect. Unfortunately we dont have wifi installed in our cabin, and I then tested whether it was possible to connect the Tiny Audio to my personal hotspot on my Huawei P9 plus 


This didnt work. I managed to connect to the wifi hotspot, but the Spotiy App didnt find the Tiny as a device. Actually, the app didnt show the 'devices' choice at all!!! 


I was a bit dissapointed. But didnt give up, and tried the same approach with my iPad Pro. Magically, this worked as a charm. 


Hence, there is a difference in which hotspots are implemented in iOs and Android. iOs is obviously adding the hotspot hosting device to the same wifi network as it is sharing, but Android is not. At least not Huawei's. 


Have anyone else tried this?

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