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Spotify Crashes when in landscape position and animation of song ist playing

Spotify Crashes when in landscape position and animation of song ist playing


 Since the animated covers are implemented, Spotify is always crashing when my phone is in landscape position an a song with this animation is starting. 

I have a black screen but music continues playing. Turning the phone doesn't stop the problem. I always have to restart the app to solve it, until the next animated song starts. 

In portrait position I never have problems with that animated songcovers. 


Device: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Operating System: Android 8.0.0


26 Replies

well whatever the reason this app fixed it and they need to sort out the issee

Agreed - using this 3rd party app allows us to override the orientation of the app and allows us to resume viewing Spotify in landscape mode for the "Playing from" page.  Pretty sad we have to resort to installing a 3rd party app in order to continue using this app. 

I agree with others who posted that this app has been working perfectly fine on my device for years and issue only began a couple of updates ago.  Hopefully, Spotify development team can figure this one out because it's super annoying for users who typically use the app in landscape mode in a vehicle.

Can anybody out there confirm/deny whether Spoify is actually working on this issue or not?  This issue is a few months old now and there are several threads in this forum all pointing to the exact same problem, and the devices involved range from very old Android 6 screens all the way up to Samsung Galaxy isn't just an isolated case of somebody who doesn't know what they are doing.
If this is oficially being looked at then please let us know.  If it isn't then please let us know this also so we can stop wasting our time.   Testing out Spotify in my car (in landscape) takes 10 full minutes to freeze - then crash - and then restart during which time I have no entertainment for my drive...and I can tell you that for a long 10 silent minutes a couple of times a week I am not thinking very kind thoughts about Spotify!!!

I have captured a video of the landscape playback bug described in this thread.


You can see at 0:18 when I select the song to open the "Playing from" screen, the UI is experiencing difficulty rendering in landscape mode. At 0:26, when I switch the physical device orientation back to portrait, the UI is rendered properly in portrait.

I switch the physical device orientation back to the landscape position at 0:42.
After starting to play a different song, I select the track playing in order to load the "playing from" screen at 0:52. We can observe the same issue with the UI struggling to render the Spotify app while the physical device orientation is landscape. I switch the physical device orientation back to portrait at 0:57 and the UI is able to render "playing from" screen again successfully.

What I'm gathering from this thread is that this bug is extremely frustrating to us as users because when our devices are physically mounted in landscape orientation in our vehicles, we are unable to access the "playing from" screen, therefore we can't skip to the next track. What I've also noticed is that when this happens, my phone UI is not responsive to any inputs... example: I am unable to swipe down from the top to access notifications, my native android buttons won't respond either. My entire phone UI is unresponsive until the physical device orientation is changed back to portrait.


This bug requires users to change the physical device orientation to portrait in order to resume using the device. Hoping this provides additional information that is helpful for Spotify to diagnose the issue.


For reference, I'm running an LGV20 device with Android version 8.0.0.

I've tried a full uninstall/reinstall of Spotify and the issue remains.

Some other devices like my sister's Galaxy Note 8 do not exhibit the same behavior so I assume this bug could be device specific.

I'm happy to provide any other details requested from the development team if they have any follow up questions. We appreciate your support in resolving this issue.

As of 2 updates ago (early this week) Spotify stopped crashing/hanging my phone whenever somebody opens album view while in landscape.

But I can easily tell that all they have done is to disable landscape rotation while in that view, because the album view and the whole rest of the screen (Android status bar / notifications / application task list / Google Maps pop-ups / etc - etc - etc)  all get rotated into portrait mode until I exit album cover view.  

Come on guys!!!!  That's the solution???  Just switch off my landscape view altogether???  So that I have to turn my head on its side to read my GPS navigation pop-ups!?!?!?!?! 


Now my only options are to accept that my whole phone gets **bleep** up if I want to listen to Spotify???

loll... looks like we are stuck with 3rd party solutions. check in page 2 of the thread I posted an app that I use to force rotation on the album screen.. also now I just use android auto. the spotify integration is pretty good in there. seems like we were left to the dogs on this issue...

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