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Spotify Free only shuffle mode on Kindle 6

Spotify Free only shuffle mode on Kindle 6

I just got a Kindle 6. There was a long thread, maybe about 7 pages spanning quite a few months with a comment saying this was resolved. Apparently, most if not all Kindles were recognized by Spotify as mobile phones, therefore only supported shuffle. I bought one thinking it was fixed, but it's the same thing. Only shuffle mode. Any easy way to resolve this, or will I have to wait months, maybe years for Amazon to stop whatever they are doing. Either Amazon has disabled to have control over their apps, tweaks most if not all of them for whatever purposes, and is either too lazy to fix these bugs, or has a secret deal with spotify to get a percentage of premium upgrades due to the fact Kindle users, or at least some Kindle users based on the model, can only play on shuffle. This is kind of a deal breaker if there is no solution independent on Amazon updating their store with a proper Spotify build. Spotify is probably 90% of the apps I was planning to use. Going to try to sideload from the store later.

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This is the Amazon Fire HD 6 correct?  I think it belongs on the tablet use... let me reach out to the team and ask... 🙂

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Yes it is. The entire line of Kindle tablets have had major issues in the past, and seeing reviews, it's still an on going issue.

Hi, Spotify deems anything 7" or greater as a tablet. As this is a 6" device it will follow the same rules applied to a mobile device running the free version of Spotify.


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