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Spotify Last FM wont confirm my scrobble

Spotify Last FM wont confirm my scrobble

So I have spotify in my ipad and andriod phone, and both are connected to my last fm account. When I scrobble in my ipad it works perfectly  but on my andriod phone it shows what I'm "scrobbling now" but it won't confirm it.


I tried mostly all advices from reinstalling, offline mode, private session, erasing my last fm credentials and also changed my password..


any help?

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Sorry to hear that! It seems to be a recurring problem on the desktop apps as well, some sort of certification problem. If all of your attempts haven't sufficed then all I think I can offer is a workaround at the moment. I've had my share of spotty scrobbling before so now I use the Simple Scrobbler app for those needs. It's pretty nifty since it can also store offline scrobbles for later as well, something I don't think the Spotify app can do. Hopefully this can be fixed soon.

Ok people. I've checked my account and the last song that I've scrobbled are ok, with hours of delay. Its weird, I don't know what is happening.


Cheers and good luck

I have the same problem. In my laptop with Windows everything is ok, but Spotify app for android isn't scrobbling my music to

Yeah I've had the same problem since Friday night / Saturday morning. Desktop app scrobbles fine, but phone just shows listening/ scrobbling now without actually scrobbling those tracks! Infuriating!

All was right until the last update that i made about 30 minutes ago. Simply, the Last.Fm Scrobbler on PC views the track that i've been listening, but don't save them. Please help

Yeah I had noticed myself the past saturday that none of my tracks weren't being saved but for some odd reason I cleared up space in my phone and decided to give the spotify last fm a try and it works perfecly now.

Ok, if you go on Guide there is a topic with this known issue, related to the last version of Spotify. They solve the problem, anyway for me there are still some minor bugs, like not fully scrobbled songs being actually scrobbled or not scrobbling the last song of a session. Hope all the rest be fixed asap

I have the same issue. was working (recording my scrobbing) before this latest Spotify update. It just shows the current track I'm listening to but will not continue to list them out. 

Guess what. AGAIN the same problem. Come on guys...

Same problem here after last update of Android app...

I read it and I did it man, but Im still with the problem.



Hey all,


Looks like there is a new permission in Last.FM settings to approve. Go to and now there's a "NEW" Spotify permission. I have both of them enabled now and it's working fine 🙂


Screenshot 2018-05-09 10.11.51.png

I did that thing 3 times. I log out and log in from Spotify. I restarted my phone (Android), but it doesn't work.



This fixed most / all of my problem + added bonus that Spotify Connect now scrobbles too 

yep. i can confirm that it happens exactly like described when using spotify on android or on windows. probably another downgrade.

Today, on Windows, it would'nt almost absolutely work. So i just reverted to the last Spotify version. Really an useless and non-sense update. All was working fine, this update ruined all.

@robinbastien - Thank you so much!  That fixed the problem for me on my desktop Mac client.   How in the world would a normal user know to look for that?


Nothing is solved, it just works for a few songs and then breaks again. How can i use the former version of Spotify without Spotify itself self-updates?

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