Spotify Music - Wi-Fi Will Not Connect


Spotify Music - Wi-Fi Will Not Connect

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I am a Spotify Premium user as of the start of June. When I first downloaded Spotify Music into my Motorola 2nd Gen, everything was working fine. I added playlist, chose songs and downloaded them for offline listening. However, as soon as I started downloading, Spotify Music was unable to detect Wi-Fi. This is the only application on my phone which does this. I have tried restarting my phone, force closing the application and now I have tried reinstalling. Since I reinstalled, I am not able to even log in with Facebook or my email address due to connection issues. I need a response ASAP as I am going on a two week trip next week where there is no Wi-Fi and requires a lot of daily traveling.
Thanks, Alanah
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Same here and now I can't log in either way. Why am I paying for premium if it won't work, I ant an extra free month since this isn't fixed!