Spotify - Music will play only if I am actually in the app.


Spotify - Music will play only if I am actually in the app.


The problem:

The music plays fine. The app works for the most part. The issue is once the song is done, the music will stop. The next song is ready to go. I am usually using another app while listening to music like Snapchat, Instagram, or a gaming app and before they all played out find with the spotify music in the background playing. Now everytime the song ends, I have to physically go back to the spotify app, wait like 1 second, and the next song kicks in. If I leave the app, the current song plays, but the next song will not play until I go back to the spotify app. Before the playback was seamless with no issues. Ive restarted my phone multiple times and this issue STILL PERSISTS.

I even have to go back into the app to let the ads play or else they wont and the next song will never come. The pause/plpay button in the little drop down menu is absolutley useless because when I push play to play the next song, nothing happens.



Samsung Galaxy S6


Current Android Processing Version



(No I will not update to the latest Android version because there are bugs and wifi problems with the new Nougat update.)


How I access Spotify?

On my phone over the wifi 97% of the time, and 3% over my data. Problem persists over wifi and data. 


Spotify Version:

8.4.810 armV7


Spotify Premium or Free?

I use the free version.


Please help.

Thank you.

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Hi. It sounds like the spotify app is being suspended when it is running in the background - normally this is down to power saving of some sort. Check out these posts for fixes.

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