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Spotify Playlists are blank on my HTC desire??????!

Spotify Playlists are blank on my HTC desire??????!



I've been using spotify on my HTC desire for almost 2 years with no problems, today, however, when I opened spotify it propmted me to log in (it usually doesn't) and when I logged in all of my playlists are gone!

I've logged out and back in, I've shut down my phone and I've uninstalled and reinstalled spotify and it keeps happening. I've also gone onto my laptop and checked if my playlists are still there, and they are. They just seem to be missing from my HTC desire.


Has anyone experienced this problem, and if so, how can I resolve it?


Thanks in advance,



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You might need to log in using your "cathalpcoyle" username rather than your email address - you might be logging into a duplicate account on your phone.
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