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Spotify Songs don't stay downloaded offline

Spotify Songs don't stay downloaded offline



For Samsung Galaxy 3, my phone has stopped 'keeping' some downloaded songs.


Essentially what happens is that I download 40 new songs, they work fine and are green.  Then my phone is turned off or runs out of battery and when I turn my phone back on I can't access any of the songs I have just downloaded but it keeps a number of songs (about 15) which I downloaded sometime ago.


After numerous ways of trying to sort this out, I have reset my whole phone to factory settings and it is still not working.  I am losing patience and will be reverting to a competitor if this goes on any longer.


Can anyone help?



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Which competitor? I'm having the same issue with a bunch of playlists I download to my phone. I'm have the Galaxy S5. Never had this issue with my Galaxy S3 though.

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