Spotify Stuck Loading on Galaxy S7


Spotify Stuck Loading on Galaxy S7

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Device: Samsung Galaxy S7

Operating System

Andriod 8.0 Oreo



I've gone through (more than once) the steps you should go through to reset Spotify on Andriod (uninstall, delete com.spotify in Andriod/data, remove from offline devices, restart, etc) and no matter the swirly wheel just spins and spins in the app on my S7 (with 7 gb of free internal storage). My SD card, that I used to store cached songs on, has been reformated and removed and I've given Spotify permission to use internal storage (even before opening it for the first time after installing it). 


What on earth is going on? I've wasted so much time with this stupid app 😞




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Hey @martin18d,


Thanks for sharing this with us and for trying out a lot of steps.

Please go to your device's Settings and clear the data there: Settings>Apps>Spotify>Storage>Clear data.

Let us know if it helps. Thanks in advance 🙂

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As mentioned in my original post, I have already cleared all of the app's data and uninstalled it. I've even tried manually clearing the data (as mentioned). 


I also just facotry reset my phone and then reinstalled Spotify. The issue persists.