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Spotify app does not install on Samsung Galaxy A20

Spotify app does not install on Samsung Galaxy A20


I am trying to install Spotify App on the Samsung Galaxy 20 of my son, but it crashes on each trial. It downloads up to 71%, then tries to install... and after a few seconds, Google Play Store proposes to download it again.

The app never shows on the screen, and I therefore cannot open it. However, as I have a look in the Parameters screen, in the submenu "Applications", I can see a Spotify app (but I cannot select any option there ; and if I uninstall this "partial app", it does not help the normal install... The same issue occurs, and the "partial app" is installed again, but not the complete app).

I tried to restart the phone, to clean the cache and the data of Google Play Store, but nothing succeeds...

Does anybody have any idea on how to solve the problem?

I will have to cancel my subscription if there is no solution...

Kind regards,



Plan Premium

Country France

Device Samsung Galaxy A20

Operating System Android 

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Hey @Antoine76_1


Help’s here!


First thing you can try in this case is performing a factory reset of your son's mobile device. Check out this help page for more info.  


Tip: The factory reset will delete all data stored on the device and the data won't be recoverable afterwards.


If you still can't install the Spotify app on the device after a factory reset, test if you manage to install it successfully on a different device. This will let you know if the issue might be device-related. 


Hope this helps. Let us know how it goes.

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