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Spotify (both official and preview) goes online-offline-online-offline and then stays offline

Spotify (both official and preview) goes online-offline-online-offline and then stays offline

I have a Transformer Prime running Ice Cream Sandwich. When I start up Spotify, it goes online for a brief while (0.1sec?) and then the offline bar at the bottom of the screen appears, then the "offline bar" disappears, and returns, and goes away, and returns. Eventually the app stays offline.


This online-offline-online-offline behaviour was the case with the official app. Then I upgraded to the preview, and spotify still exhibits this behaviour.


I also have a Samsung Galaxy S with the official client, and it stays online and plays offline playlists, streams, etc etc.. So does my logitech squeezebox. And the Spotify application as well. (Yes, I have a bit of a gadget obsession).

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Exactly the same happening with me, using Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 using Android 2.1


Tried the preview version with the same results.

Desktop version is working absolutely fine. Anyone have any ideas?

I'm on a htc wildfire, says: "You are offline" at the top of the screen. But it also shows my wifi connection in the network page.


It also won't sync to play offline songs.


Might bin it!!




Same here with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. running Honeycomb.

Uninstaling the app and re-installing the app fixes the issue temporarily, but I'm forced to re-download all playlists every time.

I'm now back to permanent "offline" for the third time.

Also, logout -> login did not help.


May I propose some tips?  

1.  If it's off-line, show on screen some message as to why it's offline:  

  • Am I out of the country where spotify is not supported?
  • Am I logged in somewhere else?  Perhaps my laptop is logged in and stealing my session?
  • Am I having network connectivity problems?
  • Can I not connect to Spotify for some other reason?  

2.  Have an option to email a debug log to Spoitfy

3.  Have a settings option where we can toggle more verbose on-screen logging so it's easier for the user to troubleshoot.


I am running ICS (android 4.0.4) on a tablet.   I too have this problem.


I can get a stable connection only after completely removing the Spotify cache and user data.  Then it holds up for a while, plays on-line playlists, and downloads offline music. Then randomly I get the message "spotify is offline" even though the PC app is showing the device is connected.  Once that happens, all is lost !  I cant re-connect, or sync more files.  Sometimes I can still access the off-oline playlist that I had downloaded - but not reliably.   Eventually, it is a "kill cache and start again" moment.


Also, if it helps diagnosis - I can NEVER toggle between the "on-line / offline switch". If I was on-line, it goes off-line OK, and plays the off-line playlist. If I flick "offline mode" off, it has never, ever, re-connected to be on-line again..


I know its only beta, but this needs fixing.

Maybe I should also have added that my tablet is Wifi -only.  Also, that the problem only comes into play when I try and save an off-line playlist, Streaming seems to work OK - it's been up and running for over an hour now, which is much longer than if I tried to save anything for off-line.


But there are several threads open on this problem, and it looks like there is a known issue:


"Support for wifi only devices (following discovery today that that lack of an IMEI causes the 'forced offline' issue even when connected to a wifi network)"


This appears in a "wishlist" of new features - but it seems much more like a "bug-list" item to me.


As I said before, hopefully the official release will have got this fixed.

There are several threads on this board on similar topics. Spotify doesn't yet officially support tablets and seems to have this issue on any (most) device that are wifi only - possibly due to the tablet not having an IMEI. If you have a 3G capable tablet then try enabling the mobile data connection for a short time (you'll need a SIM) and then it may work.
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Thank you for clarifying the issue - the Transformer Prime is wi-fi only so we've found the cause of the problem.


But on a side-note: What on earth were you thinking? You already have a username-password login, and we can only stay offline for X days. Why would you need to code in a dependency for an IMEI number then?!

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