Spotify can't find my offline music

Spotify can't find my offline music

Hey, I've got a problem. I had this problem every few months. Spotify deletes my offline music. But it does not delete it from my device, it only can't find them anymore. Spotify takes more than 10gb on my LG G4. The mentioned problems can be excluded. I was online shorter than 30 days and just using two devices offline. The problem sometimes happend when I was in online-mode and sometimes when I was in offline-mode. In the afternoon everything is all right, and some hours later I open the app and everything is gone.
I don't want to download the music again, because I downloaded some albums to listen to them, but don't know which ones anymore. Because I got a little bit of computer knowledge (studied business information systems) I wanted to fix the problem by myself.
There are 3 folders: mercury.db, mercury.db-wal and offline.bnk
I examined them but I can't find the part where perhaps one code-token is missing. Mercury is full with my music, so perhaps the problem is in offline.bnk but I don't know. Can anybody help me with this problem or somebody who fixed this problem?

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Try turning on airplane mode, restarting the app, and then determining if you can see your list again.  Seems to work even after jumping back into Spotify after turning on regular data.
This is a temporary workaround, but not a bug fix.

Thank You for that advice, but that unfortunately does not make any difference.

It sounds like you have enabled "offline" mode and that you have downloads on as well.  There is this article that talks about recovering lost downloads.  Perhaps there might be something useful there?

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